• The BGS-220 is the perfect solution to upgrade almost any legacy PSTN panel to a modern GSM/3G system through the power of the cellular connectivity.


    Thanks, in fact, to the 2G network of the BGS-220 and the 3G network of the B3G-220, you can protect your home or business in a safer, smarter and innovative way directly from your smartphone, without the expense of a new control panel but enhancing the security and expanding the life of the existing system.


         Main Features


    ·      Available in 2G and 3G versions

    ·      CiD to voice messages function and CiD to SMS message function

    ·      Stand-alone and KIT versions

    ·      EN50136 Approved

    ·     Integrated Antenna

    ·     Remote programming by BOSS

    ·     6 programmable terminals (input/output)

    ·     USB port for local programming

    ·     Connector for optional external antennas

    ·     Optional li-Ion battery for 6 hours to guarantee continuity of operation during power shortage


    Available Models

    BGS-220: 2G communicator, plastic cabinet

    B3G-220/EU: 3G communicator 900/1800 MHz bands, plastic cabinet

    BGS-220K: kit including 2G communicator, 2 mt cable antenna, adapter and metal bracket

    B3G-220K/EU: kit including 3G communicator 900/1800 MHz bands, 2 mt cable

    antenna, adapter & metal bracket