• Up to 8 on-board zones
  • Expandable to 16 input zones
  • Up to 32 wireless zones
  • Connect to 8 LCD or LED keypads
  • 64 keys/tags
  • Up to 6 on-board outputs

  • Now Available the New Release 3.50 with more powerful features! 



    Support for the ABS-IP board

    The panel can now full support the ABS-IP LAN board for the communication with Sur-Gard receivers or with the BOSS programming software


    ITV2: Third parts integration protocol

    It is available now the ITV2 Protocol, Tyco Security Products’ standard protocol for third part integration


    Feature «Smart SMS»

    The panel can be programmed to send SMS when some types of events occur. The SMS text is  generated automatically by the system, adding the timestamp


    Events notification with e-mail

    When the ABS-IP is installed, the panel can be programmed to send e-mails to different addresses according to the type of event


    Duplicated PIN management

    Improved management in case a of PINs duplicated when automatic PIN generation is disabled

    10 other features improved

    Mono-stable command zones, extended menu for Patrol Code and much more. (please check the release note for further details)




  • Voice dialer on board
  • Voice messages for each event/zones
  • Total duration: 20 minutes
  • Telephonic voice guide
  • Program up to 32 phone numbers
  • Fully customizable digital dialer
  • USB port for USB keys and PC programming
  • Mini USB connector for direct connection to PC
  • Shortcut types of arming keys per four partitions
  • Basic home automation functions
  • Fully programmable outputs: polarity, timing, oscillation, and event triggers
  • Event logger contains 2,000 events
  • On board connectors for GSM and IP add-on boards
  • Powerful new Bentel Operating Security Software (BOSS) manages ABSOLUTA
  • ABSOLUTA panel available in industrial metal cabinet or sleek plastic cabinet