• Features

    Intuitive menu-driven user interface 
    Responsive, high-resolution 7” (177.8 mm) full color touchscreen
    Configurable home screen
    Built-in and easy-to-update digital picture frame using integrated SD card slot
    Clean, low-profile case blends into any décor
    Quick-view LED status indicators (Ready, Armed, Trouble and AC Power)
    Displays time and date

    Now Available the New RELEASE 2.0 with more features!


    Customizable graphic maps! *

    Thanks to the SD card onboard slot up to 32 GB, it is possible to configure up to 32 maps (images, pictures, plans) and include in each map up to 16 objects (zones and outputs) that will give information on the status of each single zone in real time.

    It is also possible to browse or activate home automation scenarios (gate opening, garden watering, lighting control, etc.) directly from the map, with just a touch on the screen, for an even more intuitive use of the keypad.

    *ABSOLUTA release 3.50.72 or superior required for graphic maps


    Updated graphic for an improved intuitiveness and simplicity of use


    Improved menus and common use functions (for ex.: for the zones bypass during the arming or to set up day and time)


    Support for ABS-IP and APP 2.0

    Full support of ABS-IP board and new App 2.0: new pages available with necessary info for the App configuration


    Auto-arming and Extra-time support

    Simply way to manage the extra-time requests in case the auto-arming feature is set


    Rolling label

    New  rolling text mode in order to help the user to visualize full and long label created by the installer


    Installer Details

    New page with installers’ data for a quick contact in case of need


    More details on Partition Status

    Now in the menu "Partition Status" all the details are shown: alarm, alarm memory, trouble, trouble memory, bypassed zones


    Added new entries on User Menu

    Added a "Stop Alarms" and “Restore Alarms” buttons to make this operation simple in case of false alarms


    Smart Timeout

    A better management of the timeout depending on the operation the user is carrying out


    +15 other features improved

    Chime support, Better feedback on Functional keys, New Icons, Patrol menu, management of duplicated PINs, New picture frame option, and much more. (Please check the release note for further details)