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ABSOLUTA APP - Application for Smartphones

Application for Smartphones

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ABSOLUTA APP is the App for remotely managing the ABSOLUTA control unit via your smartphone, quickly and easily! The IP card, connected to an internet network, is enough to have countless possibilities and functions available that allow the user to save time and control their system from the comfort of their mobile phone! Alternatively, the App can also work simply with just the ABS-GSM module with a SIM with a flat contract (voice+sms+data).

The new version has completely renewed graphics, with a more streamlined and user-friendly layout of the menus and functions, in line with the latest trends in mobile applications.

Through the APP it is possible to control the following functions on the alarm system:

* Disarm, Arm in total mode and carry out customized arming A, B, C and D and also act on the individual partitions.

* View and reset the Alarm, Tamper and Trouble memories

* Check the status of areas, zones and their exclusion

* Home Automation: Activation of Scenarios (only with PRO version)

* Check and share the Event Log (only with PRO version)

It is possible to use the fingerprint (for enabled phones) to access the app functions and to quickly arm/disarm the alarm system, this allows for greater speed and safety in using the app.

The possibility has been added to define a series of "preferred" actions such as insertions, activation of scenarios, etc., in order to have them available quickly and directly from the initial screen. The user can now select which type of notification to receive: alarms, insertions, activations, and receive only the notifications deemed necessary.



Connection with ABS-IP board or ABS-GSM board

The APP provides for connection with the control unit both via the ABS-IP board and with the ABS-GSM board using the GPRS channel. Using the ABS-IP card, the APP connects to the control unit in real time and operations are immediate


SMS commands

For control panels that do not have an IP or GPRS connection, the APP provides a way to access the control panel using SMS commands, managed in compliance with Google and Apple SMS usage policies.


The APP is available in two versions: Free with basic functions and PRO complete with additional features, at a cost of €5.49 for Android, €6.99 for I-Phone 


North America
Asia / Pacific
Europe (outside Italy)
Latin America/ Caribbean
Middle East


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