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NEKA - Outdoor Self-powered Siren

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems

NEKA is the result of Bentel Security’s extensive experience in the field of the audible warning devices and is available in four different models.
Four independent inputs to activate acoustic and optical signaling plus two set of sounds extend the range of the siren significantly. The four alarm inputs (3 with programmable polarity) make NEKA compatible with any security system control panel on the market.
In addition to the standard protections on all sirens (cut wires, lamp damage and tampering), the NEKA-F and NEKA-FS models feature a further cover against foam injection, particularly effective thanks to a dual detection feature.
The siren’s status is constantly monitored via an auto-diagnosis feature on either the lamp or battery (NEKA, NEKA-F only), guaranteeing continued protection, while the robust plastic material and the internal protection of tropicalized metal give resistance to even the most extreme weather conditions.
Technical Features
· Strong plastic cabinet able to resist extreme weather conditions
· Additional protection with tropicalized metal inner-plate
· Compatible with all security systems control panels on the market
· One input for battery charger and flash and sound alarm activation
· One input for only flash alarm, with programmable polarity
· One input for only sound alarm, with programmable polarity
· One input for flash and sound alarm, with programmable polarity
· Magneto-dynamic exponential horn with high acoustic efficiency, allowing frequency modulated
  sound emissions to associate different sounds to ifferent alarm inputs
· Protection against cut wires, lamp damage and tampering
· Anti-foaming device (NEKA-F and NEKA-FS only)
· Programming of maximum alarm time
· Battery test circuit with battery low indicator (NEKA and NEKA-F only)
· Simple installation with drilling template


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