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BLE-320 - Universal Dual Path Communicator

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems


The BLE-320 Universal Dual Path Communicator is the perfect solution to upgrade almost any legacy PSTN panel to LTE and IP and, using Connect Alarm User App, you can bring new life to legacy panels adding remote App control for arming, disarming and check the status. This solution is able to enhance your customers’ security since it provides:

• Remote arm/disarm, using a mobile device, by SMS or through user app

• Basic smart home features, such as control of lights or appliances through dry contacts outputs

• Useful information on what is happening. Thanks to the innovative decryption function of any Contact ID and SIA codes into clear vocal messages, SMS or push notification it is possible, to have real-time detailed notifications of the system status and the alarm, tamper and fault events.

• Communication over LTE and IP networks with the monitoring providers using Sur-Gard and PowerManage receivers

• Specific templates for easily controlling Bentel Kyo control panels from the User App


Key Features *

               4G LTE and Ethernet/IP communication channels

        CiD to voice message, CiD to Push and CiD to SMS message functions

        EN50136 approved

        Integrated antenna

        Remote programming by BOSS

        Direct communication with CMS

        6 programmable terminals (input/ output)

        USB port for local programming

        Connector for optional external antennas

        Optional li-Ion battery for 6 hours autonomy 



BLE-320: LTE + Ethernet communicator in plastic cabinet


*  Please download the BLE-320 Datasheet for the wide and complete list of its advanced features




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